Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Each year, an average of 12 tropical storms form in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. On average, 6 of these storms become hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts for six months out of the year – June 1st through November 30th. Other dangers involved with hurricanes include storm surge, wind damage, flooding, and potential tornadoes. Without proper preparations such as evacuation plans and preparedness, those in track of a disaster are vulnerable to the worst effects caused by a hurricane. The Florida District of TWC is located in the state of Florida and the Bahamas. This region is very vulnerable to disasters, particularly hurricanes. It is necessary for the Florida District to establish a program and plan as a response for when such disaster effects the region. It will also serve as an opportunity for those with skills and servant-like hearts to get involved in helping with recovery efforts.


Hurricane relief is the primary focus of Florida District Disaster Relief. This involves exposing helpful relief plans prior to destruction along with a plan that is put in place and implemented post-disaster. The Florida District may work alongside other organizations to accomplish a task, goal, or meet a need within the Florida District family. 


CLICK HERE to learn how to best prepare for a hurricane.


Are you a pastor?

See our Pastors Preparation Guide and help your church be well prepared for a hurricane.




The question to be asked is “WHEN,” not “IF.” Hurricanes will come and when they do, response teams will be needed. See below for ways to support disaster relief in the Florida District along with information on involvement opportunities.



To make a donation to the Florida District Disaster Relief fund, CLICK HERE  and select “Disaster Relief under the “Designation” tab.


To fill out a Disaster Relief volunteer application, please choose one of these formats to fill out and send to us through mail, email, or fax.


Volunteer Application Word Document

Volunteer Application PDF


Additional Resources

For more information on how to prepare for a hurricane, including helpful videos, please visit: Weather.gov

To get the latest updates on hurricane activity, please visit the National Hurricane Center at: nhc.noaa.gov


CLICK HERE for more information on our district’s Windstorm Catastrophe Fund Bill Share Program.