Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Team

Living in Florida, we acknowledge that our Wesleyan churches through out the state are susceptible to damage from a variety of disasters, both natural & man-made (hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, etc.). Understanding this, the Florida District of the Wesleyan Church is committed to responding to any Wesleyan church in the district that is in need of repairs due to damage from a disaster and to make said repairs diligently in order to minimize disruption of the fellowship and service of God. Our first priority is to the service of God and return to safety His house of worship for the enjoyment of the church family and service to the community.

The Rapid Response Team (RRT) is composed of a variety of skilled Wesleyan men and women working together to provide emergency services and assistance to local churches in the event of a disaster. The members of the RRT bring a variety of skills & experience to the task and through teamwork can help build a vital network that links all parts of the disaster area. RRT volunteers offer their talents & abilities as emergency services workers and play an extremely important role in reducing the disruption of church functions immediately after a disaster.

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