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Statement of Need

Only 20 percent of our churches average over 100. This is not representative of the growth rate of the State of Florida which has been one of the fastest growing states in the country and recently surpassed New York as the third most populous state in the country.

We need a plan to reach people for Jesus Christ. He has commissioned us to make disciples. We need to be actively engaged as a team working to multiply believers, leaders, and churches, here in the Florida District and beyond. No longer can we watch our state’s population explode and our district’s statistics to flatline.


So what will we do about it? We will develop and execute a comprehensive program that will meet the need of multiplication in the Florida District and beyond. Our multiplication plan will be researched and developed in year one, refined in years two and three, in years four and five the plan will be evaluated for impact and effectiveness, in the sixth year we plan to produce a “cookbook” of the plan for distribution, and finally in year seven we want to have teams prepared to train others in the Wesleyan Denomination to implement a personalized M3 plan. Our desire is to help create a movement of multiplication in the Wesleyan Church.

Our plan includes:

  1. Developing Leaders (lay and ministerial) – We will train and develop our lay leaders while they explore God’s potential calling on their life through our lay academies located throughout the state.  We will also train second career ministerial students through our Ministerial Institute located in the district office and young people through Wesleyan universities and colleges.
  2. New Churches – We will be actively engaged in the planting of new churches with the Missional DNA to reproduce new congregations.
  3. Overseas Partnerships – We will invest in creative partnerships outside of our district with a goal of forming two overseas partnerships for the purpose of planting new churches globally.
  4. Church Renewal – We will chart trends as we assess and invest in churches with the potential to further strengthen our district team.
  5. Multi-ethnic Opportunities – We will focus on planting new Hispanic and Caribbean congregations as we expect 50%+ of our growth among these people groups.


By the 2017-2018 District Conference Year, we are believing in God for the following multiplication in our district:

  • 2,000 new believers in attendance in our Florida churches
  • 100 new leaders developing to become licensed lay ministers or licensed pastors
  • 30 new or developing churches.

These numbers are based on: Planting ten churches in the first five years and four churches each year thereafter, prorating the attendance of these churches, and estimating 5% of the total attendance being called to develop as leaders. As a part of the plan, we also anticipate having two partnerships in place overseas by the 2017-2018 Conference Year.

The Multiplication Budget

It takes finances to be able to achieve our goals for multiplication in the district. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming in and going out.

Fundraising efforts will include:

  • Donor Development
  • Grants
  • Planned Giving (Estates)

Money will be used towards:

  • District Church Planting-20%
  • Student Scholarships – 20%
  • Leadership Development-20%
  • Church Renewal-20%
  • Multiplication Development – 20%

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